Vinyl Shampoo 500ml



Use on vinylized canvas, chairs, cushions and foul weather gear. Cleans All vinyl surfaces, including; vinyl tops and interiors, vinyl fabrics, vinyl furniture & upholstery, vinyl clothing, shoes, laminated vinyl appliances and also cleans mica surfaces.
Quickly removes dirt, stains & grease
Use on vinyl-coated canvas, chairs, cushions & foul weather gear
Gets out deeply embedded grime
Excellent for all interior & exterior vinyl
Concentrated formula removes dirt & grime
Restores original bright, fresh colour
Makes old vinyl look great again
Contains no harsh chemicals
Directions: Mix one part Starbrite Vinyl Cleaner/Shampoo concentrate with ten parts water (white vinyl may require a stronger solution) in a bucket. For lightly soiled vinyl, apply solution with clean cloth or sponge and rub the surface. Rinse or wipe off with clean, damp cloth before solution dries. For deeply embedded grime, saturate a stiff nylon brush with solution and apply to vinyl by scrubbing. Work in small areas to keep solution moist. Rinse or wipe treated area with a clean, damp cloth before soiled solution dries. Continue cleaning until entire area to be treated is clean. Allow to dry and then apply Starbrite Vinyl Brite (SB80308 or SB80316) to protect and preserve vinyl. Do not spill on painted surfaces. Avoid freezing.

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