Victron Skylla-TG 24/50 (1+1)




  • Temperature sensor, use as a power supply, forced cooling.
  • Input voltage / input voltage range: 230 V AC / 185 - 264 V AC.
  • Frequency: 45-65 Hz / Power factor: 1.
  • Charge voltage 'absorption' / 'float': 28.5 V DC / 26.5 V DC.
  • Battery capacity: 150-500 Ah.
  • Protection: IP21 / Output short circuit, battery reverse polarity detection, battery voltage too high, temperature too high.
  • Charge current starter batt. / house batt.: 4 A / 50 A.
  • Charge characteristic: IUoUo (three step).
  • Remote alarm: Potential free contacts 60V / 1A (1x NO and 1x NC).
  • Operating temp. range / Humidity (non condensing): -20 to 60°C / max 95%.

The Skylla-TG battery charger is a fully automatic charger for 24V batteries and accepts any mains supply that delivers 90-265 V AC, with frequencies ranging from 45 to 65 Hz. The Skylla-TG also accepts DC supply, ranging from 90 up to 400 V DC. It charges the battery according to the IUoUo characteristic, which is a 3-stage charging characteristic. While charging, the Skylla-TG charger continuously measures the battery voltage and current and recalculates the charging voltage and current based on the measured values.

Assuming that the battery is discharged, the Skylla-TG charger commences charging in the boost-charge mode. In this mode the battery is charged until the battery voltage reaches the boost voltage. At this point the battery is charged to approximately 80% of its maximum capacity. This is the end of the boost-charge mode and the Skylla-TG charger then automatically switches to the equalize-charge mode.

During the equalize-charge mode the charging voltage still equals the boost voltage, but the charge current slowly decreases. The duration of this mode is pre-selectable and may be set to 4, 8 or 12 hours. The standard time of the equalize-mode is 4 hours. After this time the Skylla-TG charger automatically switches back to the float-charge mode. In the float-charge mode the charge voltage decreases to the float voltage and the charge current continues to decrease. This mode lasts for 20 hours. After the float-charge mode the charger returns to the equalize-charge mode for 30 minutes, this is to compensate for the normal leakage or self discharge of the battery.

The Skylla-TG charger can remain connected to the battery continuously, without gas formation taking place, caused by overcharging. It is not necessary to disconnect the battery from the charger during long time storage, for example during the winter storage of a ship. The Skylla-TG charger will keep your battery in optimum condition under all circumstances and will prolong the lifetime of your battery.

A parallel load connected to the battery can cause a voltage drop. The Skylla-TG charger automatically switches into the boost-charge mode when the battery voltage drops below the minimal voltage.

The Skylla-TG charger has a stabilised output voltage. Therefore the Skylla-TG charger can also be used as a DC power supply in applications where no battery is present.

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