Utoka 70 Tow Cool Box - Cool Grey



  • 80 can capacity (70 quart / 66L)
  • Cool for up to 5 days
  • Lockable lid
  • Integrated bottle opener
  • Easy drain system
  • Tough rotomoulded build
  • Heavy duty rubber closures
  • Non slip feet
  • Tow along wheels for easy transportation
  • Includes cup holder, chopping board divider and dry goods basket

The mighty tow70 fits anything and everything. From a BBQ event, Family Camping Trip or maybe a Music Festival! The chopping board divider allows the cooler to be split up for separate uses – drink in one side, food in the other. The robust wheels on the cooler allow easy mobility of this heavy-duty cooler.

Loaded correctly, utoka tow 70 will keep food and drink cold for the whole weekend! There is plenty of capacity for everything needed plus it doubles as a handy seat.

The utoka tow 70 comes with chopping board divider, dry goods basket & cup holder as standard. The integrated stainless steel bottle opener is conveniently mounted on the corner of the cooler. When the party’s over and all the ice has melted, simply pull the plug to empty the cooler.

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