Teak Brightener 3.79L



Brightens teak & other fine woods
Highlights wood grain & enhances warm natural colour
Use as the second step in the restoration of grey weathered teak
Easy to use - just apply & rinse
No rubbing or scrubbing required
If wood is dirty and/or stained, first treat with StarBrite Premium Teak Cleaner (SB81500). Shake well.
Apply with sponge, cloth or brush in direction of wood grain. Allow to remain on surface for 5 minutes then rinse thoroughly with fresh water. For best results, use when temperature is over 50°F. Use of rubber gloves is recommended. Immediately rinse off spills and drips from surfaces not being treated. To preserve and protect cleaned wood, apply StarBrite Premium Golden Teak Oil or Tropical Teak Oil Sealer.
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