Super Premium 2-Cycle TCW3 O/B Engine Oil 3.79L



Super Premium TC-W3 combines an extremely high-grade synthetic-blend base stock with a custom additive package. The result is the best synthetic-blend TC-W3 oil available that equals or exceeds all OEM oils. It will not void engine warranties, meets or exceeds all engine manufacturer specifications and provides first-rate performance and protection at an affordable price. Super Premium TC-W3 contains a higher concentration of the additives found in Premium TC-W3. It is ideal for use in high-performance engines, including FICHT, E-TEC, Optimax and HPDI outboards. It is ideal for use in all 2-cycle engines, to include personal watercraft, pre-mix and direct-injection designs.
Exceeds performance specification for E-Tec, FICHT, Optimax and HPDI engines
Contains PIB viscosity modifier to greatly improve lubricity and to reduce smoking
High-detergent formula removes deposits from fuel delivery system
Synthetic blend ashless formula minimises piston ring sticking and protects against pre-ignition problems
Environmentally friendly, reduces emissions
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