Simply Xtreme Demister Repair Kit Eliment Heated Car Rear Window Screen XRDR1



Simply Xtreme Demister Element Repair Kit

Repair your vehicle's damaged defogger grids on rear windows


Provides Long-lasting and Invisible Repair

Repair Your Vehicle's Damaged Defogger Grids on rear windows

Easy to Use


1 x 1.5ml Silver Repair Compound

1 x Roll of Masking Tape

1 x Cloth

3 x Cotton Swabs

1 x Alcohol Wipe

1 x Plastic Scraper

How to Use:

1. Ensure the demister is turned off. Thoroughly clean the damaged are an alcohol wipe.

2. Carefully place the masking tape along either side of the damaged grid line.

3. Apply the silver repair compound over the top of the masking tapes with the cotton swabs.

4. Use plastic scraper to make the surface smooth. Make sure the repair compound overlaps both ends of the grid line. Look through the window from the inside of the vehicle. If light shows though the repaired are apply another layer of the compound.

5. Carefully remove the masking tape and allow the compound to dry.

6. Wait 24 hours before turning on the demister again.


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