Seago Extract-It Oil Pump 6L



The Seago EXTRACT-IT pump is the perfect solution to vacuum fluids from the most difficult areas.
EXTRACT-IT can be used on boats, cars, motorcycles or anything with an engine making oil changes seamless. The EXTRACT-IT is also the ideal piece of
equipment to remove bilge water from boats or water trapped in plumbing systems.

• Oil changes with no fuss and no mess
• 6 Litre capacity
• Easy to read measurements
• Removable pump for easy storage
• Funnel for mess free emptying
• 10-20 Strokes creates powerful vacuum
• Long tube for maximum versatility

1 x Pump handle
1 x Container
1 x Clear tube with cut off
1 x Funnel

Flammable liquids, solvents, alkalis, dangerous chemicals, poisons or acids

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