Scangrip Mag Pen 2 Rechargeable Pen Torch



Product Number: 03.5108 Product types: Penlight Illuminance: 1000Lux Adjustable Light Output: No Net Weight: 0.1Kg Length: 174mm Width: 31mm Height: 21mm Battery capacity: 750mAh Battery type: Li-ion Battery voltage: 3.7V Cable:1 m USB to mini DC Charger included: No Charging voltage: 5V Charging current: 1A Charging time: 2 Hours Rechargeable Led pencil work light with powerful illumination MAG PEN 2 is a ”must have” work light for every professional user – always at hand! Small and handy shape supplied with pocket clips like a pencil flashlight but much more than just a flashlight! MAG PEN 2 provides a powerful illumination from both the lamp head and precision toplight. A side switch ensures easy single-handed switch on/off operation. It features a sturdy rubber surface and a durable construction with a comfortable grip. The design is compact for areas difficult to access. It is supplied with built-in magnets for suspension or storage - both in the clips and at the bottom of the penlight. The turnable clips makes the built-in magnet more usable for different angles when in use. MAG PEN 2 is easily rechargeable with USB cable which avoids time-consuming, annoying replacement of batteries.

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