RENOVO Plastic Window Polish Ultra Clear Large 100ml bottle convertible soft top



RENOVO Plastic Window Polish Ultra Clear (this is for a the larger 100ml bottle)

Suitable for all plastic windows, perspex screens, lights etc, you will be surprised how good it works. Great for plastic garden furniture and crash helmet visors too. We are being asked more and more by owners of light aircraft, boat and yacht owners whether the plastic cleaner can be used on their canopies and portholes and the answer is yes, in fact this polish is used by a a number of airports and chandlers.

Everyday wear and tear causes microscopic scratches to form on plastic rear screens which result in loss of transparency and impede all round vision. Use a soft cloth and a little elbow grease in conjunction with the plastic window polish and you will be amazed at the results.

Restores transparency, removes cloudiness
Reduces scratches and staining
Cleans and conditions in minutes
Just polish it on and polish it off

Application Instructions

Apply with a clean soft polishing cloth.
Use small quantities of Plastic Window Polish working with circular motions in small areas a little at a time.
Allow Plastic Window Polish to dry then with a clean soft cloth polish off using circular movements.
Apply to both interior and exterior of window.

Forget to shake the bottle thoroughly prior to use.
Allow the Plastic Window Polish to come into contact with materials or the fabric that surrounds the window.


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