Rain View 237ml



Improves wet weather visibility through windshield and windows; use on glass and plastic. Heavy rain and wet weather can result in limited visibility through windshields and windows. Starbrite Rain View is the effective solution to this annoying and potentially dangerous situation. An application of Rain View to glass and plastic (polycarbonate or acrylic) makes the surface so slick that rain and water literally slides off, greatly improving visibility. For use on all automotive and RV windows and windshields, boat windscreens and windows, running lights, headlights, tail lights and any other surfaces where rain can impact visibility.
Improves wet weather visibility through windshield & windows
Use on glass
Works with or without windshield wipers
Makes surface so slick that rain & wet weather deposits literally slide off
High-Tech formula
Directions: Clean and dry surface. Pour a small amount of Starbrite Rain View onto a clean cloth and apply to surface using firm pressure in an circular overlapping motion. Re-apply to cloth as needed to keep it moist. Allow treated area to dry to a light haze before applying a second coating of Rain View to ensure complete coverage. When second application has dried to a haze, wipe treated surface with a cloth lightly moistened with water and then buff treated area with a clean, dry cloth until it is clear and streak-free. One application should last several months. Re-apply at first sign of diminished performance.

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