OctoGrip PW874 High Performance Gloves



Antifouling, grinding, lifting, fibre glassing, carpentry, rope work, engineering… Many jobs call for hand protection, but most protective gloves on the market are cheaply made and poorly fitting - making it difficult to grip things safely or work comfortably all day.
The American-designed OctoGrip™ range are in a different league – snug fitting, they’re comfortable and highly dextrous, meaning you can use them for a variety of tasks. They also feature highly grippy textured palm coatings to ensure a secure grip on your work, wet or dry, yet so tactile you can even write with them on.

Like a second skin, this lightweight, form-fitting variant is the pinnacle in comfort, with a modern nylon/lycra liner to give full upper-hand breathability and flexibility.
The PalmWick® nitrile-coated palm is also breathable and wicks sweat away for all-day comfort, grip, and feel, as well as providing chemical resistance.

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