MR30 25x38.5cm Yellow, Rod 38.5cm



MR30 is a heavy duty mooring buoy, ready assembled with an iron rod and swivel.
Manufactured from ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA)
Equipped with short rod
The outstanding elasticity of the Bacell√ô material provides the highest resistance to shrinkage, permanent deformation and breakage
Closed cell construction prevents any water entering the material
Totally puncture proof
The rod and the swivel at the lower end are hot dipped galvanised
Upper part and the grip ring on top of the iron are coated with a dark blue plastic material
Made for surface use only!
Only the swivel (below water) should be used for mooring
The upper grip-ring is not made for mooring
High shock absorbing
Excellent durability
Retains shape even after high strain and extensive use
Resistant to UV and all weather conditions

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