MG Duff Zinc Shaft Anode ZSA100

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The ZSA range of shaft anodes are well known for their quality, and classic golf ball shape. This range of shaft anodes are an excellent way to protect your shaft from corrosion.

The MG Duff name is a global benchmark for quality and has been ISO certified. The anodes are made from the highest grade Zinc and provide excellent cathodic protection to protect your boatÕs metals against corrosion.

MG Duff anodes are batch-tested using a computer-linked spectrometer to check chemical composition and undergo strict quality control so you can be sure only the best is going on your boat.


Material: High-Grade Zinc

Shaft Diameter: 1 inch (25.4mm)

Outer Diameter: 2.12 inches (54mm)

Length: 2.12 inches (54mm)

Weight: 0.4 kg

Depth: 41 mm

Applications: Saltwater only

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