McMurdo SmartFind G8 AIS EPIRB

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Rugged, multi GNSS 406MHz EPIRB with both GPS and Galileo receivers, unique inbuilt AIS, optimised for new MEOSAR system Operating Frequencies 406MHz 121.5MHz Multi GNSS AIS Features Built in AIS Multi GNSS including Galileo Accidental activation protection Rugged construction optimised for commercial environments Hands free carry strap 360-degree strobe Comes with safety bracket 10-year battery life Sealed Electronic Unit Sealed Battery Unit Manual release The unit comes in a Travel Safe bracket which prevents accidental activation of the water switches. This needs to be removed and the unit submerged to activate. Alternatively, users can lift the red tab and activate directly. Typically the manual EPIRB is considered the crews’ emergency beacon and travels with the crew on to the life-raft. SmartTransfer Bracket Magnet deactivates sea contacts during transport Prevents unwanted activations Best to mount on bulkheads in clear view near emergency exit WARNING – The EPIRB will NOT be activated by water while it is in the manual brackets or in its carry-safe bracket. The EPIRB must be removed from all parts of the manual bracket before it will activate in water.

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