Fabsil Gold Universal Protector Super Concentrated 1L Liquid



Volume: 1000 ML The last thing you want when you are out and about is for your gear to get wet. Once it does, its performance is impaired, and you are left feeling a lot less adventurous. This is why this super-concentrated easy-to-apply spray-on waterproofing treatment is a must-have. Its more than twice as concentrated as standard Fabsil, so you'll feel confident to push yourself and your equipment further than ever before. Refreshing the repellency of seams, zips and other tricky-to-proof areas has never been easier. With more silicone content than any other Fabsil product, Fabsil Gold is essential for treating fabrics that are expected to see prolonged exposure to the elements. So, with this powerful protector, there really is no excuse for your gear to get wet!
Apply directly onto clean fabric
Ensure good, even coverage
Wipe away any excess product with a clean cloth
All the treated material to dry completely before use
This also comes in a handy aerosol spray (GRFAB16), to help you keep protected on the go!

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