Haswing Osapian 30 Electric Outboard Trolling Motor

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New generation of advanced outboard trolling motor. Compact and lightweight, yet producing 30Lbs, suitable for saltwater use on boats up to 4m, 250kg payload. Requires 12V battery.

Osapian trolling motors are suitable for small to medium sized dinghies and inflatables. All models in the range feature durable heavy duty 12 volt motors and available in 30, 40 or 55Lbs thrust. Osapian models are lightweight, compact and unique modern design.

Premium Build Quality

  • The Osapian range sets itself apart from the competition by its many featuresand build quality.
  • This is not just a basic trolling motor ! Every feature is designed with functionality and quality in mind.

Lightweight and Secure

  • With a durable cast aluminium shaft, the 30lbs model weighs only 6.6kg and is the lightest in its class.
  • Compact and Portable

  • Holes on clamp screw allows a locking padlock to secure the trolling motor while fixed to transom.

Multi-Function Handle, Compact and Portable

The Osapian range is unique due to its multi-functional handle design:

  • Durable contoured rubber handle provides a comfortable grip.
  • Twisting the steering handle controls the power output with 5 forward speed and 3 reverse speeds.
  • Telescopic handle extends for comfortable reach up to 350mm.
  • Collapsible folding upper body and handle saves space on-board and for storage or transport.

Go Anywhere

  • Supplied with a sacrificial anode and suitable for both salt and fresh water use.
  • An electronic 5 level LED battery indicator to monitor battery power levels.
  • Integral motor fin prevents prop and motor from underwater impact.

    UK Warranty

  • Warranty support and all serviceable parts stocked in our UK service centre.


  • CE Certification.
  • High speed continuous test up-to 700 hours (or 3500km equivalent), shows no degradation in output.


  • 5 forward and 3 reverse speeds.
  • Immersion height adjusted with depth collar, enabling use in variable water depths.
  • Battery level monitored by 5 level LED indicators.
  • Steering lock prevents free wheeling. When lock is released can steer through 360°.
  • Tilt bracket allows the motor to tilt through 10 levels.
  • User manual and propeller fixing kit included.


  • Max Thrust: 30Lbs
  • Max Battery Voltage: 12V
  • Rated Amp: 26A – 30A (Max)
  • Rated Power: 312W (Forward Slow), 360W (Forward Fast)
  • Shaft : Cast Aluminium
  • Shaft Length: 30inch / 760mm
  • Propeller: 2 blade, 9 inch (Diameter)
  • Prop Speed: 1200 RPM at full speed.
  • Sound Level: < 50db
  • Weight: 6.6 kg
  • Dimensions: Length 600mm, Height 1120mm, Width 150mm.

    Waterproof Casing

Recommendation based on manufacturer’s field test

  • 12V, 105AH Deep Cycle (Leisure) Battery on full charge runs for 2.5 hours at max speed setting. Use higher capacity battery for longer running time. Battery not included.
  • Up to 4m boat length, max load 250kg.

Customer Reviews

  • For customer reviews and videos search the web for ‘Haswing video reviews’.

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