Easy Fold Launching Wheels for Boat Inflatable Dinghy RIB



EasyFold Launching Wheels.

A set of quality stainless steel launching wheels suitable for fitting onto rigid transom of Inflatable boats, RIB. Very convenient when transferring boat to launching site, specially with an outboard attached and other equipment in the boat.

Aesthetically designed to tuck in under the boat when on shore, and maintain a low profile when folded in the water.

Recommended for craft up to 4m in length and payload up to 150kg.


  • EasyFold system uses a spring loaded handle to rotate the wheels between upright and downward position. No need to remove pins and manhandle wheels while in the water, as with cheaper models.
  • Launching: Wheels lock into upright position and remain attached to the transom once the boat is in the water. They don’t have to be removed.
  • On shore, fold the wheels downward and lock in place with a quick single action.
  • For long term storage, the wheels and stainless steel tubes can be detached quickly by removing the wing nuts.
  • First Use & Regular Maintenance:
    • On first installation, if the spring loaded pins do not operate smoothly, apply a generous amount of WD-40 into the the spring mechanism. Apply via the slot holes which reveal when pulling the pins in.
    • Regular application of water resistant marine grease to wheel axle will produce smooth operation and improve service life.
    • Check wing nuts holding the wheels are securely tight before use.

Construction: Marine Grade Stainless Steel tubes, and pneumatic wheels. Includes fixing bolts.

Max Payload: 150Kg. Not suitable for vehicle towing.

Wheel Dimensions: 8cm (wide), 25cm (diameter).

Packing box size is 510mm x 255mm x 160mm. Approx weight: 5kg

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