Core CLH320 Rechargeable Head Torch



Core Lighting's no-nonsense approach offers brightness, features, and durability at incredibly good value. The CLH320 is a lightweight 320 lumen head torch which is rechargeable via USB cable (supplied) for up to 9 hours of use. It offers high, low, flashing, red, and flashing red modes, plus a clever motion sensor that allows you to switch on or off with just a wave of your hand.

The Core Lighting CLH320 rechargeable head torch offers a maximum output of 320 lumens with a beam range of 60 metres distance.

There is a sensor control switch so that the torch can be turned on and off by waving your hand in front of the torch (within 15 cm range), which is perfect for when you're carrying out tasks where your hands may be dirty so you don't want to touch the torch. To operate the torch with sensor control you can activate it by pressing the left button either while the light is on in any mode to use a particaular setting, or if pressed from off it will only access either the spot high output with a quicky press or the flood output with a press and hold. Pressing either button will turn the sensor mode off.

Red light is useful for night reading, animal spotting and preserving night vision, which is why the mode memory function is useful if you need direct access to red. The flashing red light is good for attracting attention, making it useful for in the car or on camping trips.

Powered by a built in lithium polymer rechargeable battery, the CLH320 has a run-time of 9 hours on high. Recharging the unit is easy, simply insert the micro USB cable into the underside of the head torch (with the torch turned off) and the other end into a USB power source. To show charging is in progress the blue LEDs will begin to flash in turn until all five are solid to indicate a full charge. The five blue indicators will also illuminate when the torch is turned on to show remaining battery power so you are always in the know.

The high visibility yellow buttons means that they are easier to be seen, which is useful when working in an industrial environment. The fully adjustable nylon headband is comfortable on the head and a hinged bracket allows the head torch to be adjusted downwards within a 45° angle so you can direct the light source where you need it most.

Product Features

Micro USB rechargeable
45° Rotational head
Sensor control
Adjustable and comfortable head band


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