GC 100 Gas Checker Pocket Sized Gas Level Indicator for Gas Bottles



This pocket-sized gas level indicator goes wherever you do. The compact and lightweight indicator lets you conveniently and reliably check gas levels wherever and whenever you want. It tells you instantly how much LP gas you have left, giving you piece of mind while on the road.

  • Small and lightweight, easy to stow
  • Provides a reliable measurement of fuel level in propane and butane tanks
  • Ideal for use motorhoming, camping, boating or at home
  • For use on steel and aluminium fuel bottles 200‚350mm in diameter
  • Suitable for standard propane or butane fuel bottles
  • Easy to use, with green and red LED lights to indicate fuel levels
  • Batteries included

Cook in comfort, shower without any worries, and enjoy all your activities stress-free with the Dometic GasChecker GC100. At just 30g, you will be able to take this pocket-sized gas level indicator on any adventure. You will always know how much gas you have wherever and whenever you want. The hassle-free gas level indicator lets you check gas levels instantly with the green and red LED indicator lights visually showing the cylinder‚ filling levels. Using two x 1.55V batteries, this device measures with ease, using ultrasounds to determine gas levels so that you can stay on the road without any worries.

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