Battery Box With Quickfit Connection 2 x 12V and Battery Tester

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Battery box with lid with connection pool for mounted wiring for battery, 2x12V outlet, external wing nut socket for connecting, for example, an electric motor or battery charger. Also, the battery box with a convenient battery tester; with the push of a button are you aware of the battery status.

This battery box is the ideal solution for small ships without fixed vehicle electrics and situations where no direct 12V network is available, such as the use of an electric motor. Furthermore, the battery box is already provided with two fuses to protect: 1x15A for the 12V power outlets and a 30A fuse for electric motor connection.

The battery compartment is suitable for battery 105Ah
Dim. Inside L x W x H: 343 x 194 x 229mm
Dim. Outside L x W x H: 415 x 225 x 300mm
Battery compartment is equipped with strong handle and comes with belt.

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