Bamboo Salad Bowl, 23x10cm, with Matching Salad Servers



Bamboo Salad Bowl, 23x10cm, with Matching Salad Servers. A generously sized bowl that comes with serving spoon and fork for tossing and serving salads. It is also fantastic for fruit storage or room decoration. Wooden utensils and bowl are natural and safer than synthetic plastic bowls. Made from bamboo wood, a natural and renewable resource, this salad set with classic round shape is practical for everyday family dinners.

PERFECT FOR ANY DECOR - Use these unique bowls made from bamboo to hold fruit, serve salads, or just to decorate around your home. DURABILITY - Different from fragile glass bowls, bamboo bowls have good strength, are anti-fall and durable for long time use.

HANDMADE PRODUCT - Every item is handmade in ethical condition and harmony with nature, weaved with the traditional manual techniques.

BETTER FOR THE ENVIRONMENT - A renewable resource that grows quickly and doesn’t require pesticides, artificial irrigation or replanting.

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