Alfatronix Powerverter USB Charger 12/24V DC 5V DC 2 x Output



The widespread use of smartphones and computer tablets has created an increasing need for user accessible, on the move charging systems. This USB charger can be easily installed onto any boat or vehicle to give easy access to power to charge any device connected via a USB lead.

Can be connected directly to both 12Vdc and 24Vdc systems without adjustment. The advanced electronic design will detect the charge status of the device and alter the charging process accordingly. This ensures that whatever device is connected, be it Apple, Android, iPad, phone or tablet, it will always be charged as fully as time and capacity allow.

The PowerVerter USB PVPro-D features a double output, an improved design with a dark grey body and contrasting light grey ring as well as an attractive and more obvious LED indicator.

Charges all USB devices including Apple and Android.

12Vdc and 24Vdc systems.

Up to 3.0A - max 1.5A per socket.

Double Output.

Black polycarbonate body.

Blue LED output indication.

CE and E Marked.

IP Rating: IP30.

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