Alfatronix Powerverter Converter 24V DC - 12V DC Isolated 12A IP65

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Alfatronix PV12i-RU 24VDC to 12VDC Converter - Isolated Input to Output - 12A Continuous 18A IntermittentA convenient way to operate mass produced 12Vdc equipment such as cell phones, in car entertainment, professional communication and telematics equipment, refrigerators, televisions etc from the 24Vdc mobile electrical systems found on diesel engined vehicles and vessels.

There are 11 products in the PowerVerter range from 3A to 50A in isolated or common earth configurations. They have been optimised for high volume 24Vdc to 12Vdc applications such as on heavy goods vehicles, coaches, buses, construction, forestry and agricultural vehicles, commercial and leisure marine vessels.

All units consume an off load current of less than 15mA, which is probably less than the self discharge current of the vehicle’s battery. In most cases this can be ignored, speeding the installation by removing the need to fit a remote switch.

All products fit onto a ‘Click ‘n’ Fit mounting clip which is fixed in three points allowing it to be mounted on uneven surfaces.

It is easy to fit the clip into awkward places and then simply click the unit into position. A red LED indicates when there is output from the converter.


Isolated 24VDC to 12VDC Converter

A convenient way to operate 12VDC equipment from 24Vdc mobile electrical systems, 24VDC Input, 12VDC Output, 12A Continuous Output Current, 18A Intermittent Output Current. IP655 Rated ‘Ruggedised' casings for use in harsh environments.

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