Abu Garcia MKII Cardinal 506 Fishing Reel

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The Abu Garcia 506 MKII Reel more than lives up to this impressive heritage. From the outside it might look like a fairly traditional reel, but the technology under the closed face tells a different story. First released in the 1970s, the 506 made a name for itself as a superb float fishing reel but fell out of fashion as advances in open-faced reel technology progressed.


  • New handle assembly is more secure and the syncro drag is more efficient (added carbon washers)
  • Improved gear components have made the reel feel smoother and more powerful.
  • Improved gear lock design - now the pin secures the gear without damaging it.
  • Added arrow on the reel rotor to help show the correction direction to remove.
  • New ceramic coated line pin that reduces wear and increases winching power.
  • Improved chenile quality so that it works correctly.
  • Advanced polymeric body with aluminium front cone.
  • On/Off instant anti-reverse switch.
  • Supplied with x3 shallow, x1 deep spool and deluxe reel case.
  • Ultra smooth syncro dag.

Abu Garcia has been producing award-winning closed face reels for many years, and the company is widely considered to be one of the finest manufacturers of fishing reels in the world. In fact, the Swedish company is so highly regarded that it has been awarded the prestigious title of Purveyor to the Royal Swedish Court for its continued reel manufacturing excellence.

The new 506 MKII reel features all of the advantages that set the original model apart from the competition of the day, and has already won over many anglers with its float fishing finesse. However, it also benefits from all the technological advances of the last 40 years – ensuring that it can hold its own against today’s top end angling reels, and give the thoroughly modern angler a contemporary taste of classic style.

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