12V Switch Panel with Glow RED Toggles, 4 Gang+2 Power Sockets, IP65 Rated



4 Gang Switch Panel, with 12V Power Socket, and Dual USB (5V) Outlets.

Toggle type distribution switch panel with fuse holders. Black panel with glow RED toggle indicator.

Set of commonly used inscription sticker labels.


  • Switch Rating: 12V, 10A DC
  • Panel Rating : Maximum Cumulative Amp: 40A
  • Toggle Switch: (SPST/ON-OFF ) × 4
  • Power Socket 1: 12V Cigarette type socket
  • Power Socket 2: Dual 5V USB sockets
  • Fuse Holder: 2 x 5 Amp, 2 x 10 Amp, 1 x 15Amp
  • Electrical wiring: UL/1015
  • Size of Panel: 180 mm x 100 mm
  • Certification:CE, IP65


  • Stainless Steel Screw × 4
  • Nitrile Rubber Gasket × 1
  • Inscription Sticker Labels × 40
  • Instruction Wiring Diagram

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